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 Donna Bretzke - Certified Massage Therapist

I am a graduate of Just For Your Health College of Massage in San Jose.  Since receiving my certification in 2001, I have gained a vast amount of experience in the field of massage.

I began my career at a Day Spa, where I utilized my skills by providing soothing relaxation massages as well as deep tissue techniques.  I continued to gain experience by working for three different Chiropractic offices. This gave me the opportunity to develop and practice a clinical style of deep tissue, injury recovery, ART and sports massage.  

The combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage skills have equipped me with the ability to identify specific muscle tensions and provide overall healing results that last. I continue to further my education in anatomy, physiology and the fundamentals of massage by continuing to take classes to provide you with the best treatment possible.  I have a passion for the anatomy and study of kinesiology and muscle tissue.  I believe if I understand how muscle works, what causes injury, and how it restores and heals, I can help empower the body to naturally heal through increasing blood flow, lengthening muscle tissue and restoring range of motion through stretches and muscle energy techniques.

Prior to pursuing a career in massage, I spent a few years working for the marketing department of a high tech company. There I learned first hand how challenging and demanding corporate life is, especially in the current economic climate where higher workloads and increasing responsibilities can threaten employee productivity and their sense of well-being. So whether you are in corporate America, an amateur athlete, a marathon runner, or just undergo stress in your daily life my work will be a benefit to you.  My goal is to help individuals heal from symptoms of stress and reach optimal wellness in all areas of their life.

I have a variety of personal interests such as Rock Climbing, Skiing, World Travel, Camping, Cooking and Service Projects with my Church.  I believe a well balanced life is a true blessing.


 Javier MarquezCertified Massage Therapist

I am a graduate at the National Holistic Institute, San Jose, 2011. Completed a 720 hour program and received a letter of excellence. Since graduation I have volunteered as a teacher’s assistant to help assist the instructors with the daily lessons. I am very versed in anatomy and Kinesiology and love to share my knowledge with the students I work with. I also help demonstrate proper form and technique ranging from trigger point and deep tissue to Swedish and everything in between. Joined the Sports Therapy Massage Team at school, traveling with the team to all the local marathons, triathlon and bike races performing pre and post massage for the athletes. I was also chosen as the junior class representative to speak at open orientation for students that are interested in becoming massage therapist. 

 My main focus is myofascial therapy, trigger point, deep tissue, and passive/active release therapy. Being knowledgeable with myofascial and trigger point allows me to find and help release the area of pain or tension. This does not mean I can’t do an excellent Swedish, or a relaxing massage. If one of my clients becomes pregnant I will continue to work with them and have seen many of my clients throughout their full term of 40 weeks. Other modalities that I love to do are reflexology, lymphatic massage, energy work, hot stone therapy and acupressure.

Worked for Massage Envy for a few years where I was named lead therapist and nominated for massage therapist of the year. I gained my experience working with a wide range of clients meeting their needs and helping them achieve a state of well being. I also worked closely with patients for four years as a physical therapist assistant and have been teaching for Golds Gym as a Spinning Instructor for over 10 years. I look forward to working with my clients combining all my knowledge to help each one feel better than when they came in.  


Colleen LanganCertified Massage Therapist

I graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Western Career College in 2007. I completed a 9 month program in massage therapy and have been working as a therapist for over 10 years. I truly enjoy my work and love the positive effects massage therapy has on the body and mind. I started my studies in massage because friends and family have always told me that I had a gift and a natural touch. My passion is to help people find better health and wellness through massage therapy. My main focus is to find that perfect combination between deep techniques within a relaxing delivery to help clients heal and restore their bodies and forget about life stresses. I can assist in the relief of migraines or tension related headaches. Over the years I have helped many regular clients find relief from their everyday stress and muscle issues. It brings me great joy to be a part of their healthy lifestyle.

I have been given the opportunity to grow and improve my skills through my different working opportunities. I gained clinical experience when I worked in a chiropractic office, I learned about the spa environment from my work at Burke Williams and I have been able to take continued education and advance my skills through my work at Massage Envy.

I am a native to California and in my down time I love being a mother to my two beautiful boys. I also enjoy taking care of my dog, reading and crocheting. I would love to travel more someday and look forward to those adventures.


Karlo LibunaoCertified Massage Therapist

I am a graduate at the National Holistic Institute, San Jose, 2013 & 2014. Completed a 850 hour program as well as a 650 hour Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program. My class set the record for most sporting event hours total accumulated within the San Jose Campus. Sporting events ranged from marathons, triathlons, cycling and sports tournaments. I excelled in the anatomy and Kinesiology classes and have provided my client's proper knowledge to prevent injuries. 

My specialties in massage techniques are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial techniques, and Sports. Trigger Point therapy is my main focus when it comes to clients issues and being knowledgeable with anatomy, I can find the source/cause of the tension. My clients always mention that I am very intuitive with where I focus my attention on their body. 

I worked for various companies including Club One, AMP Wellness Center, New Hope Chiropractic, Massage Envy, Soothe and Elements. I started my massage career looking for more of a focus on the sports aspect. Having worked with the 2013 Stanford Football Team I felt motivated to work on athletes. After a year of trying to find my niche in massage, I started working for Massage Envy. Due to the volume of clients that came in, I had enough experience to hone in on my specialties. Having a wide range of various clients, I am confident that my work will be able to benefit any client. Whether you are a desk worker, hair stylist or athlete, I can help you get rid of your ailments. I have many interests such as weight training, dancing, traveling, cars, finance and real estate investing. I look forward to making great connections and give impactful bodywork that can make a difference in your life. 


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